When it comes to Video Marketing, the Future is Now


To paraphrase former football coach, George Allen, "the future is now" when it comes to the use of online video for engagement.

VettedMedia tools make the process of recording and sharing video material easy and that is important considering this self managed public relations should be fun. We believe video has the power to make a health specialist or doctor a constant resource to their community.

There are a couple of motivations for utilizing video. First, you want to present an authenticate representation of yourself to your patients. Allowing someone to see you on camera and get a sense of what you think does help the patient/client get to know you. That is valuable and the video content can be timeless for that reason.

The second type of use for video is to be "current". Most PR people will tell you video has a one/two-day viral shelf life.VettedMedia members often record messages to respond to patient issues or address topics in the media. That content is presented on VettedMedia, the Affiliate's website and promoted socially to increase visibility. In this capacity, video is used like a blog and conducted to engage.

At VETTEDMEDIA, we obviously believe Affiliates benefit from the authentic presentation and customized displays of video material. However, the larger message is that there is no reason not to use video. It will soon become as common as having a website itself. Not having a video presence could raise doubts from consumers or worse, leave the practitioner behind in the marketplace.


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Bill Bergstrom


Bill Bergstrom brings over 20 years of community relations, physician advocacy and public affairs experience to CN Health Solutions.
He co-founded CN Health Solutions, the parent company of ClinicalNotebook and VettedMedia, a software system and consultation...

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