VettedMedia Featured in Angeleno Magazine


Angeleno Magazine

Dynamic Women of Los Angeles | Tish D. Bergstrom | As a former number one ranking medical device sales specialist in the United States and having over 15 years experience in the media and communications industry, Bergstrom brought a unique perspective to the role of video in healthcare. She created ClinicalNotebook with her husband, former White House political appointee and physician advocate, with the motivation of using personalized video from physicians to help patients better understand their health. The Bergstroms tailored software to enable doctors to efficiently present their video commentaries from a vetted platform and their website simultaneously. This system allows members to maximize their YouTube experience through a controlled venue. The Bergstrom’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for a better informed public inspired them to create a second platform, VettedMedia, which focuses on causes, campaigns and the deployment of what many political consultants have already called “virtual lawn signs”.


"You won’t find a simpler and faster solution in this space. I’m committed to ensuring easy and powerful public relations at the finger tips of people who could use and benefit from this system…and do some good with it." Tish Bergstrom



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