What is VettedMedia?

VettedMedia is an inter-active VIDEO LIBRARY of QUICK commentaries from experts, executives and companies.


Within the structure of this FREE video library, participating members receive video recording and sharing tools thereby enabling these professionals a unique opportunity to increase their online presence.


Visitors and members alike have the ability learn quickly from thousands of educational videos and can directly engage experts with questions or live virtual visits.

What do I need to get started?

All you need to get started is a smart phone, computer with a camera or tablet with a camera.


You can use these devices to record and share video content or participate in live virtual visits.



Can I use high level production quality for my video commentaries?

Members can utilize any level or camera quality they have to record video content.


While high level of production may present a strong image, we have found that the substance of the video material is more important than the style.


For that reason, utilizing your smart phone or computer camera can provide you just as much traction if your comments are brief and to the point. This “current” format reflects a personalized style that viewers may see as more as authentic.

What if I don’t have a website?

Profiles and Libraries have their own URLs and can thus be searched separately from your website.


You can share the link in an email or business card when you connect with a client, customer or colleague.


No reason to wait to complete a website. Take advantage of online visibility now.

Can I use a Virtual Visit?

VettedMedia can make it easier for members to use live video meeting technologies for webinars, presentations and one-on-one meetings.


VettedMedia can schedule, coordinate or facilitate these meetings with the use HIPAA encryption levels via smart phone, computer, or tablet.



How am I receiving marketing benefits?

As you record messages or opinions, you will see them displayed within your personal video platform or team based video content management systems. These custom libraries are not only presented on VettedMedia, they are found on multiple platforms and can be placed your own website or any website you choose.


Since your library can be also be found through an independent online search, VettedMedia profiles provide virtual business cards. Add your listing to your email signature or other social media to provide yourself, career or business a unique advantage.