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Born and raised right here in the South Bay. Her early accomplishments consisted of Varsity Cheerleader, Softball Team and V.P of her student class at West Torrance H.S. She still found time to work after school & weekends to help pay for her activities, her first job was at Hot Dog on a Stick... yes she had to make fresh lemonade every two hours.

Soon after meeting her husband Dave, Kerri moved to Playa Vista and has been a resident ever since. She is a former employee of PVPAL and PVCS and an active board member of the of Playa Vista Mom's Group. Her daughter Ryan, who will be turning 4 this year, takes on similar characteristics, a loving, caring person with a zest for life. Kerri is very committed to the community & has always been in support of activities that help the residents and their families.

Kerri's passion has always been helping others & she is very excited to join the Coach Derek, Inc. team

What people do not know about Kerri? She is an ancestor of Samuel L. Clemens, or as many know - Mark Twain.



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