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Founder of Sylvia Global Media Network, Gael Sylvia Pullen is an entrepreneur, author, talk show host, producer and publisher while striving to be a fun grandmother, devoted wife and an available friend and ballroom dancer.  Key Topics:  Re-imaging Philanthropy for Maximum Impact, Spirituality and Philanthropy; Collaborative Partnership Models and Global Diversity, Women and Girls for Sustainable Outcomes.

Who would ever suspect that a life journey of an award-winning global entrepreneur working with the United Nations Development Programme began through the Saturday morning routine of her mother “pressing the hair” of three daughters while speaking softly of her own dreams? So began the journey of a sharecropper’s granddaughter.  It was her mother’s gentle yet passionate words and bold actions to secure the same rights on behalf of others, that initially inspired Gael Sylvia, the daughter of a university secretary and a truck driver, from the cul-de-sac of Pomona, California to Switzerland in high school, to the prestigious Waseda University in Tokyo, to the Solomon Islands in the Peace Corp.

Gael Sylvia Pullen brings her experience full circle to connecting all that we have in common.  A prolific speaker, with quiet pose that resonates in an uncommon message, she has an uncanny ability to take her deeply spiritual and humorous outlook on life. Weaving her current work as an ardent philanthropist, producer, publisher, author and global doer into a transformative message, Gael moves others to re-think and re-image what it means to dream big, be bold, and to know that Girls Fly!

As a global technology evangelist, she is a frequent speaker on university campuses, to philanthropic donor networks, and both national and international corporations.  With a fundamental believe that our influence to one, or to millions, is of shared value, her message fulfills a life goal to empower and inspire all to see the good that is around us.  As a member of Women Moving Millions, she currently serves as committee co-chair on PR & Communications and as a former board member.  Her dream is to see the nations most often known for being on the receiving end of charity become the philanthropic peers of women who move billions as philanthropic leaders.

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