Affiliated With: Lets Give Them a Shot

Youth Sports

Ellen Reinis's relationship with Coach Derek Inc began when she signed her son Roman up for a multisport class when he was 2 and it was love at first class. She is so passionate about Coach Derek's philosophy and believes that every child should have an opportunity to learn sports from such amazing, professional, and caring coaches. Ellen is responsible for the marketing division of Coach Derek Inc. which includes community relations, advertising, new business, and website/social media content.

Her career began in New York City working for Martha Stewart and her company Martha Stewart Omnimedia after graduating from NYU. After several years in New York and a lifetime on the east coast, Ellen decided that she was done with the snow and cold and wanted to live somewhere where the temperature didn't often go below 65 degrees. After moving to Los Angeles, she worked for a handful of production companies working directly for film producers. While working in the film business, Ellen was given the opportunity to handle marketing for a commercial construction company and took it. Later she went on to work for a social media company based in San Francisco and then took at break to have her son and work freelance.

She now lives in Playa Vista with her husband Lee and their absolutely funny and adorable son Roman. They are always at the sports park in Playa Vista so if you see them there, please say Hi!

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