Coach Derek Locklear's philosophy of teaching kids life lessons that last even when the game has ended comes from over 18 years teaching and coaching experience – and that’s after 20 years of experience being the player. Coach Derek played basketball and baseball at Central Cabarrus High School in North Carolina, going on to play college baseball at Montreat Anderson in North Carolina. He was a two-time MVP and All-Conference Player, but most of all, he learned that it’s not worth it if you don’t apply those field lessons to life. And most definitely not worth it if it’s not fun getting there.

Coach Derek Locklear

Coach Derek is more than a sports coach, he's also a life coach.His insightful and enthusiastic personality motivates children to learn about teamwork, sportsmanship, determination and self-esteem. And he inspires kids to look within themselves:

I coach to teach something that goes beyond simply winning. I feel that if a child has a dream to get to the next level in his or her sport, then I want to play a part in helping them see that dream come true. Most of all, I believe that there are important principles to be learned from winning and losing.” ~ Coach Derek Locklear


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